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To place an order, you MUST FIRST create an account. Click on the "Log In" link to create an account. (No account is needed to just browse the web store)

Please read the following before ordering

Your donation to the ministry by ordering items through this web store is used to provide Bible study materials at no charge to those who genuinely cannot afford it. Requests for free materials must be made by mail directly to the church (click here for more information).

Payment must be processed by you through this web site. We cannot charge your credit card or PayPal account - you must do that yourself. For us to do it would open up the potential for accusations of fraud, and we will not put our testimony at risk. If, for some reason, it will not work for you, please place your order directly through the church and pay by check or money order.

Unless otherwise stated, all sermons are in MP3 format. Please make sure that you are able to use this format before ordering CDs or sermon downloads.

Shipping is calculated according to weight and includes the cost of packing materials.
All orders are sent via USPS. There is no provision for delivery remarks such as "leave at front door" or that sort of thing.
All orders to be shipped to an address outside the U.S. are shipped International Priority flat rate. Please click on the Orders Outside the US link on the left side of this page for more details.
Shipping charges for some orders outside the US can be quite high. Check the "Amazon Kindle Editions" link on the left side of this page for that option.

Book Stores / Quantity Pricing
We have now added quantity pricing for book stores that stock books by Brother James. Please use this web store to place your wholesale orders. Book store orders are no longer handled separately.

Order Status
You should receive an email as your order is updated.
Pending - This is sent when the order is received by the web store.
Processing - This is sent when payment for the order is completed.
Assemble & Pack - This is sent when your order has been printed and your order is being assembled.
BBC Assemble & Pack - Most orders are processed by volunteers at a private office, but some are processed at the church mailing room. This indicates that it requires an odd-sized box or is for a destination outside the USA. These often take a day or so longer to process.
Shipped - This is sent when the USPS shipping label has been printed and your package is awaiting pick up by the Post Office. It does NOT mean that it has been delivered to you or that it is in the USPS system yet. It is also used to acknowledge receipt of donations.
Update - This is sent when something out of the ordinary occurs with your order.
Tuition Paid - This is for payment by correspondence students at the DeLand School of THE BIBLE.
Web Store Policies
This web store contains only materials produced by members of THE BIBLE Baptist Church.

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