Books and other printed materials by Brother James W. Knox.
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B-ALL Complete collection of English title books

Complete collection of English title books

Complete collection of all 22 English title books by James W. Knox listed in the Books section of this web store. This price includes shipping by...

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B-TBH That Blessed Hope

That Blessed Hope

The hope of the New Testament Church is not to reform the earth, establish a kingdom, or to endure the time of Jacob's trouble it is to meet the...


B-VCL Victorious Christian Living

Victorious Christian Living

In the first 24 hours that this book was available on this web store, there were 215 copies sold in 28 orders on 2 continents. It is a message that...


B-THC The Humanity of Christ

The Humanity of Christ

With clarity and close attention to detail Brother James takes the reader through the many fascinating doctrinal and spiritual wonders connected with...


B-TT Tire Tracks - True Stories of Childhood, Adventure, Exploration

Tire Tracks - True Stories of Childhood, Adventure, Exploration

These are tales about what it means to learn of life and death and trust and companionship, as seen through the eyes of two boys, who from the age of...


B-OTS Old Testament Survey

Old Testament Survey

This work presents an overview of each of the thirty-nine books of our Old Testament, pointing out their key doctrines, peculiar points of emphasis...


B-NTS New Testament Survey

New Testament Survey

An overview of each book of our New testament, pointing out their key doctrines, peculiar emphasis and devotional highlights, in addition to...


B-GEN Christ-Honoring Commentary on GENESIS

Christ-Honoring Commentary on GENESIS

Volume five of The Christ-Honoring Commentary Series contains 366 daily readings providing insightful exposition extensive outlines, seed thoughts...


B_JOHAH Christ-Honoring Commentary on JONAH

Christ-Honoring Commentary on JONAH

A verse by verse look at the book about the least of all prophets who witnessed the greatest revival in history. Doctrinal, yet devotional;...


B-MAL Christ-Honoring Commentary on MALACHI

Christ-Honoring Commentary on MALACHI

Four hundred years before the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, Malachi set forth God's grievances against the nation of Israel. In the book of Matthew...


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