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May 14, 2012

After over a year of planning, Project Thessalonica is now a reality. Please see the Diary section for daily updates.

Thursday April 5, 2012

It seems time to update all interested parties on the status of Project Thessalonica.

Our sincere hope was that God would provide enough workers to fill all twenty-six courses, but in all honesty we expected to fill about half of them. So many of you have allowed Him to touch your hearts, that twenty-two of the courses have been filled. Health and job issues have already caused a couple of changes in plans but as of now the promised participation is wonderful.

Our major concern was in the matter of finding a trustworthy translator so that we might communicate with those who do not speak English (mainly the older citizens). The Lord touched the heart of Brother Angelo in Australia, then worked out a number of marvels regarding his employment, and he will be serving the Lord Jesus for the full year as our translator. What a thrill to have a saved man and trusted brother in this capacity.

We have been promised a year’s supply of Bibles printed and shipped to Greece by First Bible International, and a missionary working in another city in Greece has offered a storage facility to house the Bibles and tracts we will need for the project.

For a project that would restore a church to the city of Thessalonica we expected some would be able and willing to go but that many would be happy to contribute. While just the opposite has been the case, we have received enough funding to cover the cost of housing for Brother Angelo and the mission teams. We sincerely thank all who have given to make this possible.

Then, Brother Brent Logan was burdened to turn the mission work in Romania over to well-trained nationals and relocate his family to Thessalonica to head up the ministry. After spying out the land it was determined the best course of action would be to reside outside the city and travel into its depths each day for spiritual labor. The cost, the quiet, and the need for some separation were all key factors in this decision.

Brother Brent and family arrived safely in Greece on April 5. His notes on that move are as follows:

We arrived safely in Greece by God’s grace. There was an accident with the brother who followed us in my other car, but it only affected the car cosmetically. It could have been much, much worse. The Lord protected us all. Will have to detail the events later. It did delay us about 2-3 hours. My van also had many lights coming on for the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, etc. BUT BY FAITH we traveled on without incident. The van is running fine just the warning lights. Also, the truck with our belongings arrived without incident. It was not even stopped at the border to the surprise of the driver. THIS IS ALL IN ANSWER TO PRAYER. Thank you and thank the Good Lord.

Many of our teams have already purchased their air fare and are prayerfully anticipating their turn in the field. If you need help with this please contact us.

Below are our sincere requests for your prayers.

  1. Wisdom and grace in planning what part of the city to evangelize, where to assemble, and how best to draw these dear souls to Jesus Christ.
  2. Peace with and protection from the ungodly whom Satan will likely stir to oppose our efforts.
  3. That nothing would hinder those committed to go from fulfilling their holy desire.
  4. That those who have promised diverse forms of help (tracts, Bibles, transportation, funds, etc.) will keep these commitments.
  5. That God would be pleased to allow us to reestablish His church in this ancient city.

To all those who have prayerfully encouraged us through this past year of planning, we thank you. Please continue.

To all those who have offered one reason after another as to why you would not do this, or do this in this way, your objections have been noted. We are moving onward. Will you now join us in prayer for God’s blessing? Thank you.

The work is set to begin. May Jesus Christ be praised!